Adult 6-Minute Game (6-MG) Rules

1. You must be older than 18 year old to participate in this program.
2. All players MUST register with a team to play  [players must wear his/her team jersey in order to play].
3. All 6-MG are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 8 -10 PM .
4. Games are played in 6 minutes [ rounds ] increments.
5. The first two teams with 5 players on the court will start the first 6-MG [round].
6. After 6 minutes the winner team will take on the next team.
7. In case of a tie, a coin toss, head vs tails will settle the winner.
8. On the second [round] the previous winner team MUST win in order to continue playing.
9. A tie-game will automatically be a win to the last oncoming team.
10. 6-MG games are played in accordance with the official FUTSAL rules.



Cost per team: $7 dollars per night (8-10 P.M.)
Number of players per team: 7 players maximum
Adult 6-MG session: Game every 6 minutes