PUG or Pick Up Games

Pick up games are scheduled every FRIDAY from 6 till 8 PM for the YOUTH and 8 till 10 PM for ADULT players.  There is a fee of $3 dollars for all pick up games for the YOUTH and $5 dollars for Adults.  There will be a one-time registration fee of $ 10 dollars for all the player who are not currently enrolled in any of our programs. This one-time fee is assessed yearly and is good from Aug 1st-to-July 31st of the following year.

PUG Credit

This is a benefit awarded to our ADULT teams or YOUTH Academy players. IF you happen to miss or CANNOT make an Adult or Academy day you can redeem your missed day as a PUG-Credit.  PUG credit has to be used within the ongoing season. Again, this credit is given to players currently enrolled in our ADULT or YOUTH programs. REMEMBER, you have to use your PUG-Credit within the ongoing season. PUG credit is NOT transferable and CANNOT be used in different seasons.


We have a Belleview-Santos FUTSAL Center referee supervising our pick up games [PUGs].

* **Please note that pick up games are subject to availability*** and we recommend that you e-mail info@belleviewsantosfutsal.com and pay in order to guarantee your spot, if you DO NOT show up on time for the game your spot will become available to the players present for the game. Youth Pick up games are scheduled for FRIDAY from 6 to 8 P.M. and 8 to 10 P.M. for adults, come and join us in the most exciting pick-up games in the area!



1. Q. Do I have to pay every time I come on Friday?

1. A. Yes, $ 3 for 2 hours play time for the YOUTH, $7 for Adults.

2.Q. Why do I have to pay $ 13 (Youth) or $17 (Adult) ?

2.A. If you DO NOT participate in any of our programs, we must register you in the league. The US Youth Soccer Registration cost $ 10 per player(Youth and Adult cost the same price). So the first time you will pay for the registration plus $ 3 (YOUTH) and $5 (ADULT) for the PUG. After the FIRST time will ONLY pay for the PICK UP GAME, $ 3 (YOUTH) and 5$ (ADULTS). 

3.Q. How do you make up teams on Pick Up Games (PUG)?
3.A. No more than 20 players will be assigned for any PUG.  Bracelets will be given out to the first 20 player in the court. Players will be divided in 3 teams. 

4.Q. Who plays first on a PUG?

4.A. The first 10 players on the court will play first.  They will be the first two teams.  The first two teams will have 6 minutes to score and win a match. If no team win, a coin toss (head-or-tail) will decide the winner team. After the first PUG match the winner has to win in order to stay and play again. A tie is consider a loss and that team has to vacant the court to the other team.

5. Q. What happen if you there are only two teams?

5.A. Team will play for 6 minutes with a 2 minute break until the two-hours session is over.