What is a PICK UP game?

Pick-up games are open games that allow you to drop in for one of our sessions without the need to form a team, join a team or register a team. It’s a great way to enjoy futsal in a non-competitive and fun setting, and it’s a great workout. Games last 6-minutes with between 5 and 7 players per team depending on total participants.  A maximum of three teams 18-21 players will be allowed for a PUG.

We also have a Belleview-Santos FUTSAL Center referee supervising our pick up games. For additional information check out our website www.belleviewsantosfutsal.com


* **Please note that pick up games are subject to availability*** and we recommend that you e-mail info@belleviewsantosfutsal.com  to guarantee your spot, if you DO NOT show up on time for the game you will spot will become available to the players present for the game. Youth Pick up games are scheduled daily Monday-Tuesday-Wendesday , come and join us in the most exciting pick-up games in the area!

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